Zoom Rebirthing/Breathwork

Working, studying, connecting and ordering online has been the “new survival way” for all of humanity.

This world crisis brought everyone to a ‘necessary stop’ in order for us to re-evaluate our priorities, jobs, family situation or to begin healing and de-cluttering old patterns or pain suppressed for a long time. While trying to stay afloat in the high demanding speed of life, we often don’t realize that we keep hitting road blocks and we don’t have time to ask why?

Johanne Rutledge School of Intuition, more than ever, aim to be part of the solution and support system for you to finally make your well-being a priority.

Rebirthing/breathwork allows you to release your heart and soul heaviness caused by past experiences, childhood and past lives

It allows you to let go of anger, resentment and feeling of powerlessness

It allows you to overcome low self-esteem, guilt, shame and lack of purpose

It will re-energize and replenish your immune system and discard viruses and toxins

It will increase circulation in the whole body and increase your metabolism

It will leave you relaxed and feeling complete

Rebirthing will give you as much as you pour into it, with time and persistence, it will change your life opening a window of possibilities.

It is advisable to take a few minutes after your breathing session, to write down a few notes about how you felt before and after breathing, writing what you might have felt physically and emotionally. It is also helpful to note what took place during the healing period given by the High Beings. This way, you will be able to realize the progression of your breathing journey.


Breathing in the comfort of your home

While Johanne breathes with you all along

Our group sessions take place on ZOOM each 2nd Friday

(See home page calendar) at 7pm

High Beings healing takes place after the breathwork

Cost: $25.00




Breathing in the privacy of your home

While Johanne breathes, guides and interacts with you all along

Private session are scheduled on week days between Johanne and you.


One Private Session with Johanne WITHOUT Recording

Cost: $225.00