The human body is an amazing creation of God. It is made of energy. It is supported and fed by lots of energy coming from the earth and from the source above. Unfortunately, the fragile balance of our body can be interrupted and this is when we get physically sick. Many different disturbances can throw us off balance. We immediately think of stress and worries but there is also, the way you think, the people you hang out with, what you watch on TV or the music you listen to. All is energy, all of it. Depending on what you take in or you give out, you will create vibrational discomfort in the body until physical symptoms arise. Once aware of this reality, it is necessary to re-establish the balance by making life changes and being guided and supported by “energy healing” will help you fast forward the process.

In this HANDS-ON class, you will learn and experience:

  • Grounding to the earth and connecting to the source
  • Travelling deep within you, connecting with your heart and soul through guided meditation
  • Raising vibrations through BREATH
  • How it feels to be a channel of high frequency healing
  • How it feels to gratefully receive healing from a higher place
  • How your own intuition opens up and speaks loud and clear if you are standing still in a high vibration
  • How a strong feeling of knowing will bring insights about emotional or physical problems

Healing class has no requisite other than an open mind and a strong desire to be of service. Because we channel the source’s energy, any form of healing is received while it is given.

Pay in Full: Cost: $150

Deposit: Cost: $50

Balance: Cost: $100