HEALING ENERGY with Doctors in spirit and HIGH BEINGS

Johanne is a Reiki master teacher and a theta practitioner. She has been doing healing for 24 years. But about nine years ago, things changed.

Now, she facilitates healing through HIGH BEINGS.

About nine years ago, out of nowhere, she had an emergency appendectomy. “When I woke up the next morning in the hospital room, I was in a lot of pain.” Johanne explained. “I saw Edgar Cayce and other doctors in spirit sitting at the edge of my bed. I didn’t understand why they stared at me and did nothing to help. “It will heal very soon,” said Cayce. “You had cancer in your colon. You don’t have time for that. You have work to do. We pushed it in your appendix to be removed quickly. You have nothing to worry about.”

That is how a new chapter of my life began.

In the following weeks, when I would give a reading, at times, the doctors would come and offer to do healing on the person. People were shocked about how quickly the pain would go away and the healing would occur.

I came to understand that I couldn’t call on the doctors for healing. They would volunteer when all the conditions for healing were present.

Any physical illness comes from an emotional dis-ease. It is a wake-up call. First, the person had to recognize the emotional block that caused the problem and be willing to work through it and bring changes in their lives where they had been stuck. Whether the physical problem is a way out of a life or circumstances they despise or a cry for help, a person has to decide to participate, from the mind, body and soul, into their way back to health.

With time, other entities joined the doctors. I figured that they brought me slowly into their energy so I would get comfortable with the process. My vibrations also had to be raised enough to sustain them working through me when necessary. Now, I can see tall, luminous, translucent beings coming to do the healing. They are the most compassionate and loving entities.

To me, no one is a healer. We are all able to bring healing if we choose to become clear channels of energy, mind, body and soul, for the source to bring forth the healing light in one form or another.

Healing sessions available with Johanne
Approx time 30 minutes. Costs: $150.