Counseling/Mediumship Readings


Johanne is a spiritual and life counselor as well as a highly intuitive medium and channel. To get the most out of your experience, a session begins by establishing the goal of your reading and your specific needs. Therefore, preparing questions ahead of time and establishing your priorities will assure that your time with her brings you clarity, peace of mind and a better sense of direction. A reading session can be broken into three parts: mind reading, connecting with deceased loved ones, and guidance on personal matters. Your one hour session can cover all or any one of these topics.


Mind reading is not about prying into people’s personal thoughts, but more of a tool that helps you have a better understanding of the challenging relationships and/or communications in your life. I can ask anyone in your life to come forward, with permission from their higher self, and allow you to have a real conversation with this person. You can ask questions, receive answers, and understand the underlying dynamics of your relationship. Through the years, it has been brought to my attention that these conversations bring a change in the behavior according to the outcome of the conversation.

It is also a priceless tool for connecting with children, Alzheimer’s patients, those with autism and people unable to speak because they are either in a coma, on a life support system, or unconscious for an extended period of time.


As a medium I will help you communicate with loved ones who have passed on. You will be able to have a complete conversation with them, meaning you can ask questions and receive answers. People who have crossed over are longing to connect with us.


My spirit guide, Mr. Edgar Cayce, and your higher self, bring us together in order to provide you with clarity about your life’s journey. You might wish for me to channel your own spirit guides or angels if it is most comfortable to you. Most clients ask me questions about their career, relationships, family, health, their past lives and their purpose in life.


It is also easy for me to connect you with anyone in history of the world. (Ex: Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Nostradamus, Jesus, or any masters or Archangel that you wish to have a one-on-one conversation with.

Counseling/Mediumship Readings sessions available with Johanne

60 minutes in person – Costs: $285 

60 minutes over phone – Costs: $240 

30 minutes – Costs: $135.
*Not available for first time reading.
*30 minute readings are available on the phone only.