Speaking Engagements

Through years of communicating with the spirit world and channeling not only deceased loved ones who have so much to say about their new reality, but also guides, masters, archangels and angels, I have learned a lot about life and its meaning. Consequently, I started passing this knowledge along to my students and people yearning to understand more than what we see.

For some years now, I had the privilege to be invited to different group gathering. Sometimes to deliver deceased loved ones messages, and other times to speak about different subjects. I am quite passionate about sharing the wisdom entrusted to me. It is an honor to “pay it forward”.

Subjects discussed can include:

  • Forgiveness and Gratitude
  • The meaning of happiness and how to attract it
  • Crossing over and reincarnation
  • Demystifying death, purposes and past lives
  • Why you get sick and how to get and stay healthy

There is a standard time and fees for Johanne’s lectures and she is also available for non-profit organizations, fundraisers and/or spiritual churches at no charge as long as it is locally.

It would be my pleasure to lecture at your next event.

Please contact Johanne for more information.