Dear Johanne, I am writing, to attempt to express, my gratitude to you…. for your “presence,” and your “presents,” which you give and gave, so generously, and willingly, and compassionately. I do need to thank God, for putting you in my path, and your willingness to serve. You are one of my angels, on Earth, who has healed me, immensely!!! There are so many wonderful things to thank you for!

After my son died, in 2008, we needed so much healing. I could not get relief, from his confusion, and reluctance, in his new dimensions. It was very painful, for both of us. Our ignorance, about his new world, and our loss, left us both feeling helpless, for years! My prayers were answered with a series of “coincidences” that led me to you! I needed relief, and so did Ken, and you were able to help BOTH of us.

After much coaxing, and directions, and questionings, and discussions, we were all able to help Ken, crossover. The whole event was mind boggling at first, but sooooo necessary! Finding out that he did not “know” that he was even dead….was baffling, at first, AND… the answer and clarity, we both needed to move forward. And….many more understandings were made clear, and continue to be clarified!

That encounter, event, reading, in our lives, both Ken’s and mine, IS STILL having such a worthwhile, positive, healing, clarifying effect, on our lives. It was the catalyst that is STILL helping both of us! Johane, giving us a gift, that keeps on giving, is priceless! Thank you, from the depths of my grateful being! Peace and love to you.

Dee B.

I’ve known Johane for many years and each reading was so profound and “right on” !! She is amazing! She is professional and always has an open heart and loving kindness! She’s the BEST! Johane has helped me through many situations when I couldn’t get “out of my own way”! Highly recommend!!

Linda D.

I have known Johane for a few years now and her amazing gifts are numerous. When I first met her I was going through difficult times. I started with a reading which was so on target that it allowed me to make important life decisions that put me on the right path in my life. Even though I didn’t like what “Edgar Cayce” had to say because I felt out of my comfort zone and I was not ready to hear it, I knew in my gut I had to follow through, which I did. Little by little, things started to turn around and I knew I had made the right decision by following Johane’s guidance. Looking back today I am so grateful she gave me this reading and I listened to her!

During the same period I also started taking her powerfully healing Rebirthing classes which equally helped me tremendously during this challenging journey.

I felt so much relief that I kept coming back for more of Johane’s fountain of healing.

It didn’t take long for me to sign up, one by one, to all of her Intuitive/ Alpha classes to develop the psychic gifts that were emerging within me but I was not sure how to handle and trust. This really allowed me to expand and follow more my own inner guidance.

To this day, I still go to the Rebirthing classes for tune up but also because Johane’s School of Intuition has become a Safe Haven for all of her students.

The fact is that Johane is more than a truly gifted healer, teacher and medium, she is an amazing human being who really cares and always gives you 100% of herself.

Marie D.

Johanne is a talented educator who has the ability to explain difficult concepts. She is able to break it down, teach and demonstrate the material’s applicability. I was amazed how quickly I learned to cope with some of life’s difficulties in personal relationships using Johanne’s simple lessons. Her teaching style is fun and easy to follow. She is a generous, caring and gifted teacher! It has been an extremely enjoyable experience learning from the best!! I’m so grateful for the opportunity of taking classes that have a positive impact to my life. Thank you Johanne!


Johane Rutledge changed my life. From the first time I met her when I went to her house for a reading, she opened my eyes to a whole different world. Since then, I haven’t stop learning. I took courses Alpha 1, 2 and 3, and I do rebirthing any time I can.

Now I focus on whats really important, I’m grounded and a much better person. Thanks Johane!

Mariluz D.

I first encountered Johanne 7 years ago and was so impressed with that initial reading that I have regularly sought advice and guidance from her over the years. Her abilities are undoubted and you can trust her to be honest She will certainly let you know what circumstances you may face, whether they are favorable to you or not, what you want to hear or not. Because of her, I also feel that I have a deeper understanding of my own intuition and am learning to place greater trust in the 6th sense. I have recommended her several times to friends and family. Those people have always come away with the clarity they need. I will therefore continue to use her talents myself and recommend her to anyone who could use her help. I am definitely a satisfied customer!


I have been very fortunately and blessed to have been introduced to Johane at a critical point in my life five years ago. My experience with Johane, whether getting a reading or attending her workshops, has been out of this world. The work that Johane does is amazing as she has the capability to help people connect with not only departed souls but also someone’s consciousness. Because of the accurate and timely reading I received, I was able to make profound and positive changes in my life. I am also grateful for the opportunity to attend her workshops, which have helped me grow spiritually and receive healing. Everyone I know who has received a reading or have attended one of her healing sessions or workshops have nothing but great things to say about Johane.


Johane is a beautiful person and wonderful human being, she makes you feel comfortable at all times. Johane has the ability to connect with the universal source who connects all our souls. I had a reading with her as well as I took the Chakra and the Alpha Class I workshops. Her insights and revelations are incredible, and she tries to help you out to ease your concerns, discomforts, or whatever is bothering you with honesty and truth. She is very nurturing, and at the same time, able to embrace your own spiritual powers to find peace, love and serenity in your life and the ones surrounded you. Thank you, Johane for opening a path of enlightenment and spiritual growth in my life.


Johanne, I want to share that you are amazing. After taking the Alpha class, my life has been even more amazing. I have now a great position with the salary I wanted and I used all the knowledge that I received from your class. All I know is that anyone that comes to you, will be transform in so many amazing ways. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Dearest Johanne, What beautiful energy you emit! Thank you for all the Love, caring, thoughtfulness and kindness you gave us all. It is most sincerely appreciated. I feel very blessed to have met you.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your amazing gift, teaching.

Like many of your students, for over half my life, I have taken numerous workshops: basic meditation, intensive working with my Akashic Records to A Course in Miracles, etc… Out of all my experiences, your workshop was most beneficial. I am so grateful that I finally met you. Your teaching style is organized, fresh, honest, clear, supportive, concise, and selfless, not a common talent.


This workshop has been the single most incredible experience of my life! I couldn’t believe how Johanne was able to teach us how to channel effectively before the week-end was through. I never believed tht I could do it! This weekend was worth every cent and sacrifice to attend! Johanne is a hidden treasure and anybody who has the opportunity to have her as a teacher is truly blessed.


Hi Johanne, I just wanted to tell you that I feel privilege to have met you and to be taught by you. You have inspired me, I have been able to take away the fear of teaching. You are the most amazing teacher I have ever met, your simple approach, kindness and the loving moments you share with all of us.


Hi Johane, First of all I want to say ‘thank you” for sharing a bit of your knowledge with all of us and helming me grow. The way you are used as a conduct of God’s everlasting love and energy did not go unrecognized. Our world is going through so many changes and I am thrilled to know that you are a light in our planet . I know this.