This program has been created to help support and guide an increasing number of teens and pre-teens deeply aware of their sixth sense, seeing and feeling the spirit world, and not knowing what to do with their abilities. Some are scared, feeling weird and isolated and mostly not knowing where to turn for acknowledgement and protection.

Through guided mindfulness meditation, group discussions and fun activities, participants experience a sense of connection and safety that many have been longing for and never felt before.

In this class, your children will learn:

  • To have a deeper sense of self, direction and purpose
  • To connect to their higher self and to their spirit guides
  • How to trust, control and manage their intuitiveness and guidance
  • To feel empowered by their sixth sense
  • To acknowledge and feel comfortable with deceased loved ones, deceased pets, angels
  • To be and feel protected at all times from bothersome entities (Protection is highly discussed)
  • How to prepare for exams, tests and interviews with ease and confidence
  • To handle bullying and uncomfortable situations in school and elsewhere
  • We will also discuss and come to understand about: Chakras, karma, reincarnation, dreams, empathy, purpose in life and such.

This class is available to children from 13 to 17 years old who are demonstrating an interest and/or a need for this kind of spiritual guidance. A meeting between the child, the parent and the teachers is mandatory for every participant to be accepted in the group.

Alpha/mediumship ONE will be given on three separate Saturdays. It is necessary for the child to be present to the 3 days in order to complete the process.

For questions about classes or pricing for alternate venues contact Johanne at 954-821-2572.

The cost is $125. Per child per day.
Three days to be paid entirely on first class.