It is quite easy and common to attract ghosts/earthbound spirits in your home and in your life. Earthbound spirits feed on energy and if you work in a high energy environment such as hospitals, nursing homes, night clubs, as a police officer or in fire stations, as well as in law, doctors and dentists offices and airports to name a few, you might be opening your door to them. If you are going through depression or difficult times where you are feeling negative and down, you become an easy defenseless target for possible for possible negative energy to attach themselves to you. Earthbound spirits energy can be subtle but powerful. You might feel watched, anxious, see things from the corner of your eyes. They can go as far as making you sick, angry or extremely tired without a logical reason. They can stir fights or arguments in your home to produce energy. CHILDREN are also particularly affected by earthbound spirits. Kids are very intuitive and sensitive to energy. They might feel them in their room and refuse to sleep in their bed alone at night. They also might have intense nightmares. Children can hear voices from the other side and not being able to express their fear. EARTHBOUND spirits that haven’t crossed over into the light for many different reasons. One of them could be that the passing was violent or sudden like in a murder, an accident or a suicide. They may not be ready to let go of the physical world or of their loved ones. They might even follow you home or be attached to a piece of furniture, jewelry, or previously owned item that you purchased. HAVE YOU EVER FELT A STRANGE ANXIETY IN YOUR CHEST AFTER ENTERING A ROOM IN YOUR HOME, OR SOMEWHERE ELSE, AND FEEL BETTER WHEN YOU EXIT? I have been crossing over ghosts into the light for many years and I have to admit that it feels really good to help them move on. Earthbound spirits also need to be understood and not just feared. It is also my pleasure to give you back your peace of mind. I will also advise you on how to protect yourself and your home in the future. IT WILL BE MY PLEASURE TO HELP YOU. Cleansing homes and businesses is done remotely over the phone. The time may vary depending on the size of the space to be cleansed. An average 3 bedroom home will take between 30 and 60 minutes.

Crossing Over 30 minutes Reading. Costs: $125.

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Crossing Over 60 minutes Reading. Costs: $199.

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 Having a conversation with your cherished pet is a wonderful experience. Mediumship makes it possible and easy. HAVE YOU EVER SAID, “IF I ONLY KNEW WHAT MY [HORSE/DOG/CAT] THINKS OR FEELS…” Or, “If I could better understand my pet’s behavior and needs, it would make us both happier!” Through years of readings as a medium I have come across many clients who were anxious to know about their four legged best friend and asked me to connect with them. This is how I realized how sensitive, smart, loving and healing pets can be. Their personalities are as diverse and complex as ours. And like us, they need to be understood and acknowledged in order to give the best of themselves. They are loving spirits in a physical body just like their owners. I am honored to give them a voice as I facilitate a real conversation between you and your favorite animal. I can also tell you about their likes, dislikes, aches, pains, and why they behave, or misbehave and offer solutions. LET ME IMPROVE ONE OF THE GREATEST RELATIONSHIPS IN YOUR LIFE. Let me give your pet a voice! Communicating with your pets is done remotely over the phone. The time may vary depending on your questions. An average session is between 30 and 60 minutes.

Pets 30 minutes Reading. Costs: $125.

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Pets 60 minutes Reading. Costs: $199.

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