Love Freely, Live Fully and Make Your Life Spectacular


Answers questions about your life’s journey

HOW do I find love? WHERE do I begin?
WHEN will I be happy? WHY was I born?
WHO am I really? WHAT on Earth am I supposed to do?


  • ~ Understand the makings of your life
  • ~ Mindfully maneuver life’s intricate dynamics
  • ~ Know where you come from
  • ~ Figure out your purpose
  • ~ Find the key to navigate your passage on Earth
  • ~ Free yourself of fears, trust issues and self-sabotage
  • ~ Manifest happiness
  • ~ Allow LOVE to enter your life freely
  • ~ LIVE life fully and passionately
  • ~ Make your life SPECTACULAR!

Note from the author

    I am 66 years old and I had my share of tribulations. Sexual abuse from the age of 6 months to 15 years old by my biological father and sexual abuse and rapes from my half-brothers beginning at age 8 and the list goes on. I became a single mother at 17 and had only myself to count on. What saved me was an indestructible faith in something bigger than myself. Nonetheless, I experienced anger, resentment, a deep desire for vengeance and multiple suicide attempts.

    I tried multiple forms of therapy but none of them explained ‘why’ it happened to me, ‘why’ I was in this body and this life dynamic. I wanted to know ‘why’ I was born if life was only a succession of painful hardships. It truly made me believe that I was a rotten human being, deserving all that had happened to me. I was convinced that love could never set foot in my life and dying seemed the only way out. As I kept praying for strength, I also kept praying to die.

    Life has a way to show us the right path when we stop giving up and choose to push forward. In my early 20’s I realized that I was able to communicate with deceased people and I had had encounters since I was a child. It was a scary path to embrace although, I realized later, I was given the gift of a lifetime.

    Forty years on this path, brought amazement, knowledge and more love than I thought possible into my life. This book was channeled because of beloved masters and amazing souls from the other side, who volunteered to answer basic inquiries about life.

    For me to understand where I came from, why I chose to be on Earth, and what is the purpose of being alive, lighted up my world. As I went deeper in the meaning of life and death and discover the power of being connected to The Source, I no longer felt like I was hopelessly wondering the planet. It took me years of pushing forward, to finally land into a life that I love. My life’s purpose is helping others which fills me up with joy.

   I hope that this book will bring you to gratefully embrace the gifts and opportunities that your life has to offer.

   Just make it spectacular!


Johanne Rutledge
Mediumship Counselor