Power Rebirthing

2019-11-22 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Johanne Rutledge School of Intuition
Address: 2929 E. Commercial Blvd # 304 Ft.Lauderdale, FL 33308

POWER REBIRTHING (this group rebirthing will be standing up while breathing and moving to the music and energy)


Many people look forward to breathe as a group in the amazing uplifting energy of Johanne Rutledge School of Intuition. There is an uplifting sense of support and camaraderie among the participant. The group is kept small (no more than 10) so everyone has a comfortable space on the floor. Johanne works with assistants who have done their own rebirthing and trained extensively for many years. All of them are medium and work with different healing modalities. Classes are ongoing throughout the year, approximately every second Friday of the month with certain exceptions. See School calendar for dates. Sessions are starting promptly at 7:00PM and ending at 9:00PM. Please be courteous to your fellow group members and arrive a few minutes early. Other considerations; dress comfortably, do not wear jewelry or perfume and eat a very light meal. After the breathing is complete, once your vibrations are high, the HIGH BEINGS will come in and bring healing to the emotional, mental and physical body as long as you give them permission. Bring your blanket and pillows in order to feel comfy. We breathe with candle lights and music. The group is invited to share and support each other afterwards with snacks and refreshments. Rebirthing/Breathwork Group Sessions: Cost: $35